Steve & Maureen Solverson

Steve and Maureen have been married 43 years and have called Rockford home all their lives, they are proud to have raised their three grown sons Jason, Dave, and Dan in Rockford community.

In 2004, 2005 all three of their sons proposed to their future wives and what followed was three big weddings in 14 months and you guessed it, dance lessons for mom and dad.

Maureen has worked in sales for over 30 years, Steve worked in Manufacturing 37 years, he is retired and together they have a Health and Wellness company.

In their free time they enjoy spending time with their ten wonderful grandchildren ages (12 to 2) and all the wonderful friends and acquaintances, that just naturally comes from living a lifetime in the same community.  We feel rich in relationships.  We volunteer for many local nonprofit organizations. and are always looking for a way to serve our community and make it a better place to live.

Unless you consider their pre-wedding dance lessons, they have little to no experience on the dance floor. Steve likes to say, “there one basic thing a guy needs to know when considering dancing, everything else is negotiable.”

Don’t stop moving, or everyone will know, you don’t know what you’re doing.

We are excited to support Family Counseling Service. We are passionate about the importance of mind, body, and spiritual health especially within the Rockford community.

As we have journeyed through life one thing we have found is that you are going to make mistakes and have problems. Counseling and talking with a professional, helps you to understand why you are stuck and helps you develop the proper tools, to understand and solve the problem and then move forward with your life. To us counseling is like getting a problem solving physical checkup.

Steve and Maureen Solverson, dancing the Solverino